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House Sign Materials


Many people want to know what materials their house sign is made of, so here is a detailed breakdown. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Data sheets and further information on the materials in your sign can be supplied upon request.

What's in your sign?

The Sign

The sign is made of High Density Urethane (HDU). Don't think that we use plastic though - HDU is most like wood. Although HDU is relatively new in the UK, it has been used for over 13 years in the USA and is becoming the most prevalent sign making material.


Signs made of HDU have many benefits. Firstly HDU is completely waterproof and cannot rot. This means that paint sticks far longer than it does on a wooden sign. Your sign will not crack like a ceramic sign, and won't tarnish like brass. There is no such thing as a perfect material though - HDU is slightly softer than wood and the surface will dent if something hits it.


The HDU is laminated to a sheet of PVC which provides a solid material to attach the mounting hardware to. Once the sign is painted, the 2 materials cannot be distinguished, and appear similar to wood.


The Paint

All signs get 4 coats of paint to create the surface colour and texture. The paint is a special water-based acrylic which is very durable and stands up well to UV light but will look brighter if situated away from direct sunlight.



We use real gold to gild the letters and numbers on some of our house signs. Gold has many properties which are useful in sign making. It reflects light like no other metal, giving the lettering on your sign a warm glow. Gold is not affected by UV light, so it will still look great in 20 years time. However, gold is quite soft, so do not touch it or rub it with anything.


We buy our gold from Habberley Meadows, an English gold beater established in 1874. The gold is 23.5 carats, so is virtually pure.


Artist's Paint

Our artists use the best Liquitex Acrylic Paint for the paintings on the sign. The paint has been well tested in Australia and resists the sun very well.