Custom Design Process

Custom Designs

If you need professional assistance with your sign design, you can purchase one of our custom design packages. Your Danthonia sales representative will discuss certain aspects of the project with you so that a clear assignment can be drawn up for our design team. Below is an example of information compiled for the design of a specific church sign. Compare this assignment with the resulting design sketch and a photo of the completed sign.

Purpose of sign Identify and brand church - show service times and changeable messages
Visual image Complement the contemporary building architecture
Required Reading distance Church name - 50 yds
Changeable Message - 30 yds
Service Times - 20 yds
Speed of passing traffic 50 MPH and/or stopped at traffic light
Main sign text
St Lucia Uniting Church
Semi-Permanent information
[Flat painted]
9:00am Service & Sunday School
11:00am Indonesian Service
Rev. David Savage
Phone: 07 3870-2621
Changeable Message Board Allow for 4 lines of magnetic text
Pictorial elements Unting Church Denomination logo - [three dimensional]
Preferred colors Trim of Church building is a 'Burgundy'
[Client to supply exact paint name color to match]
Other Danthonia signs client likes Welcome to Christ Church with message board
Size limits As large as possible within budget
Budget $2000 plus shipping
Clearance required 3ft to visually clear hedge
Hanging system? Client to supply and install 4x4 posts.
Danthonia to supply signage and hanging hardware
Site description Front of church - see Google street view and client photo
Deadline 21 day delivery

Christ Church SignThis is the sign the client suggested as an inspiration. Use the gallery on our site to browse through signs that might be a starting point for the design you would like to have.

Design ProofThis is the design drawing which our designers sent back to the client for approval, prior to fabrication of the sign.

Below is a photo of the completed sign that was emailed to client prior to shipment.

St Lucia Sign