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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we are often asked.


How do I get help?

You can get help in several different ways. Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered here. Just click the links to the right and the answers will appear here.


You can also phone, email, write, send a fax or come and visit. All the details for this are found in our Contact Us section.


What are the signs made of?

Signs are made of a material called High Density Urethane (HDU). HDU has been used in the USA for 13 years for making the best carved signs.


Originally designed for surfboards, HDU has a density similar to light wood, but is completely waterproof - meaning your sign will outlast any wood sign. The paint stays looking new and the sign will never rot!


Why are the signs so expensive?

Unlike many other sign makers, every step of our process is done by hand - carving, painting, cutting. Plus, the price you see on our site is the one you pay. No additional charges are added.


Real gold, top customer service... What else can we say? The sign you get is a masterpiece you can afford to be proud of.


What's so special about gold?

Gold has captured the human heart ever since it was first seen. Its unnaturally radiant glow has a lure found in no other metal.


Gold is also one of the most stable elements. As long as you treat it nicely, it will always look just the way it did when it was new.


Its power now? Buy a gilded sign, and enjoy the comments of your impressed friends and jealous neighbours.


How long does delivery take?

Delivery normally takes 2 weeks from when you pay us.


You may think this is a long time, but you are getting a sign which was made just for you. On certain signs with more complex processes delivery may take longer.


We only use quality materials when making your sign. Paint takes a long time to dry, and your sign has several coats.


So the quicker you order your house sign, the quicker you get it!


What image can I have on my sign?

You may have any image you want!


You can look at our art gallery and choose one, or it you don't like any of the pictures, simply a photo, or tell us what you want and we will paint it. A link on the gallery page will let you do that.


If you want a custom image, the simplest is to contact us by phone on 0800 534 5715 and we will take you through the process.


Can you custom make me a sign?

Yes, we custom make house and business signs.

You can find more details on our Custom Signs page but basically, you can have any shape, and size (within reason), any colour sign you want. You can have sculptures and gold, carvings, paintings...


In the end, your sign can be as good as your imagination! (and your neighbours will never have one like yours)


How do I mount my sign?

We provide an easy to install mounting system free with every sign. The system makes it quite difficult to remove the sign from the wall.


If you are mounting the sign on a brick wall, you will need a hammer drill. If you don't have one, there may be a handyman in your area who could help you out.

The system is good for mounting to a wall, door or a post. Please tell us if you think you need something different.


Why can't I see how my sign will look online?

We use a very expensive piece of software to help us design your sign. However, only the human eye can make the text on a sign look good when it goes around a curve. The gap between a "G" and an "R" will be different than between a "T" and an "I".

Our designers will always strive to make the best sign design.


We will email you a picture of how your sign will look within 2 working days.


Why can't I choose my own font?

Selecting the correct font is quite a difficult task. Our designers are trained to find the right font for your sign. If you have a long house name, a narrow font may be required; if your house name is short, a wider font would be better.


If you like a specific font or font style, tell us when you order. We will try to use that font, or one similar.


How should I clean my sign?

The paint work on your sign should be washed several times a year using mild soap and warm water. Be careful not to rub too hard as this may spoil the paint's gloss.


The gold shouldn't need any maintenance. If you think it may be damaged or dirty, please get in touch and we can help you.


More instructions can be found here.

If your question hasn't been answered, please ring us on 0800 534 5715 and we will be glad to help. Alternatively, Contact Us for more details on how to get in touch.


When you have been reassured that you will get just what you want when you order from us, you may wish to peruse our selection of House Signs.